Wildcat Mini BMX 2021 PRO Tyre

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True full-size BMX tech and construction in Mini BMX size!! The pattern 04 - 2021 Pro-Tyre... the smoothest rolling Mini BMX tyre ever, somehow even lighter (?!!) with a super fast roll speed and high pressure for less tyre flex when you're going huge!! These things are built to take a hammering

  • Smooth and fast rolling
  • LIGHT!
  • Quality rubber, freestyle tech construction
  • Incredibly strong, now less tyre flex when you're going huge!
  • Recommend inflation pressures: 
    Cross wheel: 30-35psi 
    Turbo Wheel: 30-40psi
  • 3.5 inch wide for Mini BMX Wheel. Size: 4.10/3.50-4
  • Sold individually