Our shipment arrived in port last week as expected, however one final surprise hold-up has left us scrambling to get orders out - so we're gonna be working 24/7 to give orders the best chance of arriving on time!  We've also upgraded ALL orders to overnight delivery.

- South Island deliveries - all on their way!
- North Island deliveries as always, overnight service - half on their way this morning, the rest we're doing our best to get on this afternoon's pick up.
- Where available, we've also added a Saturday delivery ticket in case they're running late.

Our local courier is jumping in and doing a few dedicated pick up runs for us. We're doing our absolute best with a tricky situation, rest assured we'll continue until every last order is - at the very least - on the way.

In appreciation of our awesome Pre-Sales customers, we will not be having any Boxing Day sales etc. However we will still be shipping throughout the Christmas period, so if the kids are driving you mad over the holiday break - we got ya!

Dev Admin