At the start of the crazy season... we’re officially sold out! We’ve been inundated with enquiries about our next shipment so here's an update:

Good news: stock is on the way!

Bad news: with a series of delays it’s unfortunately looking like our shipment won’t arrive now until late December, meaning that bar a miracle, we probably can’t deliver on time for Christmas. We’re absolutely gutted - but regardless of this news we’ll be going on Pre-Sale as soon as our delivery date is set in concrete. We're yet to crunch numbers but we'll be offering a super limited discount for early birds, so stay tuned...

Due to global demand we missed out on a few crowd faves and have limited incoming stock of others, so get in early if you don’t want to miss out!! Check out the range teaser below.


Pricing update:

Things are crazy out there but we’re doing our best to defy inflation and keep our range as accessible as possible - as a result we will no longer be able to offer free handle bar size change-outs. HOWEVER if you do need bigger bars, when you order a Wildcat OG or OG-PRO you can still grab a Large set of bars + grips at 30% OFF. Simply add to your cart at the same time as your bike order and we’ll magically apply the discount... you’re welcome!

Matt Hishon